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SSHF Board of Directors

Paul Jolly, President

Rick Gangloff

Charlie Brazell

Norb Thurmer

Mike Hopkins

Bob Simmons

Roger Berry (not pictured)

Vicki Schneider

Steve Thurmer (not pictured)

Garnet Bebermeyer

Lou Bertani

Paul Jolly - President

Paul Jolly was born and raised in St. Louis, MO.  He attended St. Mary’s High School.  He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a BSBA in Accounting and Final Honors.  He worked for Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum, Inc., one of the world’s largest Architectural Design firms, for over 35 years as Project Accounting Manager for its National and International offices.  He is currently the Business Manager for St. Wenceslaus Parish, a member of the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

Paul has been involved in sports his entire life.  He started playing baseball at a young age and also participated in basketball and track during high school.  Following college, he became a player/coach for Miss Blues, a St. Louis Men’s Slow Pitch Softball Team.  His playing and coaching career spanned four decades.  During that time, Miss Blues won a number of tournaments, qualified for a number of regionals, won an ASA City Championship, and captured a National Invitational.

Paul was inducted into the St. Louis Softball Hall of Fame in 2000 as a Manager/Coach.  He has since been joined by longtime teammates Pat Lohmar and Jim Duspiwa.

Paul was elected to the Hall of Fame Board of Directors in 2001, and currently serves as President of the Board.

Rick Gangloff - Vice President

  • Inducted 2002 (Infielder)
  • Various Teams 1977-2005 Including:
    • Southsiders
    • DeeGees
    • Carsons
    • Budweiser
    • Johnny's
    • Astros
    • Glidersleeves
    • Felts Insurance
    • Syberg's
  • City Championships Including:
    • Muny A
    • Seven (7) Time Muny AA & ASA
    • Muny A Final Four
  • World Tournaments
  • HOF Committee Member 2004-Present

Charlie Brazell

  • Graduate of St. Louis University
  • Retired from Anheuser Busch after 37 years
  • Member of St. Louis Municipal Softball Association
  • President for 18 years
  • Inductee of the St. Louis Softball Hall of Fame
    • 22 years as a member, 11 years as President
  • Inductee of the National Touch Football Hall of Fame
    • President for 20 years
  • Member ASA Council for 9 years
  • 1994 - U.S. Olympic Festival in St. Louis
  • Served as softball liaison and venue manager

Norb Thurmer

Vicki Schneider